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 http://​​view=flipcard#​!/​ http://​​view=flipcard#​!/​
 http://​​asnider/​Ivan_Illich/​ http://​​asnider/​Ivan_Illich/​
 +People with rediscover the value of joyful sobriety and liberating austerity only if they relearn to depend on each other rather than on energy slaves. The price for a convivial society will be paid only as the result of a political process which reflects and promotes the society-wide inversion of present industrial consciousness. This political process will find its concrete expression not in some taboo, but in a series of temporary agreements on one or the other concrete limitation of means, constantly adjusted under the pressure of conflicting insights and interests.
 +In this volume I want to offer a methodology by which to recognize means which have turned into ends. My subject is tools and not intentions. (14)
 +Tools for Conviviality
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