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Coulda, Maybe Shoulda

Turns out when I imaged the NOOBS sdcard and put it on a larger card, then tried to move the crowded VAR folder to the new partition, but it fubarred the OS…well I just for got to make an empty folder entry on the root to allow fstab to work.

Whoops. I had two 32GB sd cards so I still had the orginal one that failed. Did what I shoulda and bingo it worked.

Still, I went back to the non NOOBS install,

2017/04/22 21:36 · zeppo

All Backed UP..NOW

Things done…

Installed Raspberrian…NOT NOOBS!

Installed Apache

Installed Dokuwiki

Installed Webcam

Set Crontab for webcam

Set Crontab for DNS update

Prepare and eat Easter dinner

2017/04/16 18:02 · zeppo

Don't forget to include the include plugin

I installed the blog plugin and it said it installed and even prompted me to create a page..I thought.

Long story short, it kept saying plugin was not install. finally I saw in somewhere that it needed the include plugin for the blog plugin to work. Did that and A-OK

2017/04/16 09:35 · zeppo

New Raspberian Install ; New Blog

I never could work around the NOOBS file system restrictions for the larger SD Card. So I install it all over again, but using Raspberrian instead OF NOOBS

Normally when you replace a drive, you just image it, throw that image on the new drive, then use gparted to resize the partition to the new drive space. Easy Peasy. But NOOBS has some wacky way of setting up the partitions that is supposed to not be the case with the Raspberian install.

I suppose I will have to by a 64 Gb SD card to see if that is true.

2017/04/16 09:06 · zeppo
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