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 +Text and values in one cell
 +Did you know that you could combine text and values in a single cell?
 +For example, assume cell A12 contains the value 1435. Enter the following formula into another cell:
 +="​Total:​ "&​A12
 +The formula cell will display: "​Total:​ 1435."
 +The ampersand is a concatenation operator that joins the text with the contents of cell A12.
 +Applying a number format to the cell containing the formula has no effect, because the cell contains text, not a value. As a work-around,​ modify the formula to use the TEXT function (the second argument for the TEXT function consists of a standard Excel number-format string).
 +="​Total:​ "&​TEXT(A12,"​$#,##​0.00"​)
 +This formula will display "​Total:​ $1,​435.00."​
 +Here's another example formula that uses the NOW function to display some text along with the current date and time:
 +="​Report printed on "&​TEXT(NOW(),"​mmmm d, yyyy at h:mm AM/​PM"​)
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